Reminder: @AoSHQDD will be following the #IL18 primary results tonight.

Today is the day for the primary for the special election in Illinois-18. I’ve stayed out of that primary because I don’t really enjoy getting involved in primaries anymore. People invariably get upset when you like one candidate above another, and as a loyal Republican hack I prefer not to say anything in the primary that I’m going to regret saying later in the general.

Anyway: Mike Flynn vs. Darin LaHood vs Donald Rients, with the winner heavily favored to win this Republican district. Despite the fact that the incumbent Aaron Schock left rather… precipitously.  AoSHQ Decision Desk will be covering the election in real time tonight here, so check them out.


  • Skip says:

    Well, not knowing anything else, I’d probably figure out who the DC establishment wants, and eliminate them from consideration, but Illinois probably requires special rules. IE, whih ones of them are most likely to go to jail.

  • Luke says:

    The RINO won.

  • civiltruth says:

    Well the governor certainly tilted the playing field for LaHood, and special elections in the summer are difficult to get a ground game going.

    But given the voting margins, such excuses run thin. Grass-root Republicans are going to have to up our game substantially in November if we want the “establishment” to take us seriously.

    • acat says:

      (this sentence is only here so Moe’s filter doesn’t freak out over the very short post)

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