Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee And The Case Of The Conspiracy To Make Her Staffers Run Into People.

[UPDATE: Merlot!  Marvelous stuff.  Makes you write words that are almost correct.]

…Ah, Sheila Jackson Lee.  You couldn’t write her out as fiction, you know.  Well, you could, but then people would come and yell at you for being a cliched hack. Because this woman is a living, walking stereotype.

To summarize: her staffer almost ran over a DC Capitol cop (did hit the guy; thankfully, no serious [injuries]). So the Representative, of course, popped over to the accident scene to berate the cops, ask for their supervisor, articulate her opinion that this was all due to some conspiracy against her and that she was tired of it, and gave the cop who got hit by the car an impromptu medical [exam]. Yes, apparently Rep. Jackson Lee* is a doctor, and we just never heard about it.

But wait. It gets better. No, really:

When CQ Roll Call asked about the accident a few hours after it occurred, Jackson Lee’s office denied the account. Jackson Lee was not in the car — no officer had been hit — and Jackson Lee “actually walked to the Capitol today around the time you say this incident happened,” Rushing said through a spokesman the day of the incident in question.

After obtaining the police report, CQ Roll Call approached Jackson Lee with questions in the hallway outside the House chamber.

“I don’t have any information for you. Thank you, sweetie,” Jackson Lee said repeatedly.

And that, brothers and sisters, is what you can get away with when you represent a D+22 district. I can’t even get too upset, really. It’s like getting upset at a hailstorm; even if it could understand why you’re upset, the storm probably wouldn’t even care. Besides: Sheila Jackson Lee is the price one pays for being able to set up a 25/11 GOP/DEM split in the Texan Congressional delegation. Since I’m not out on the sidewalk demanding that the GOP and the CBC stop colluding with each other, I really have nobody to blame besides myself for the inevitable fallout…

Via Instapundit.

Moe Lane

PS: …’Sweetie.’  Sweetie.  Dang.

*Apropos of nothing, but that name must be driving the woman crazy. Well, crazier. I mean, how is she going to be able to support a bill that scrubs those names from history? She’d end up with a useless franking privilege!



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