Hillary Clinton DOES NOT WANT you to have cheap cab rides.

She hates the very idea of it.

Marco Rubio goes into Hillary’s thinking a little, but really: this is the best way to describe her thought processes.

In that light, I almost can’t be all that upset.  Disapproving, sure, but not that upset.  Especially since I know that, in twenty years or so, I’ll probably be in Hillary Clinton’s shoes (which is to say, suffering from low-wattage culture shock). I can only hope that I’ll handle it better…

Via @scottlincicome.

Moe Lane

2 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton DOES NOT WANT you to have cheap cab rides.”

  1. I might be old enough to remember JFK. Certainly, I remember Nixon all too well.
    Republicans are conservative, stodgy and most of all OLD. Democrats are innovative (maybe scary) and… less old.
    Obama is going to be the last brash young Democrat for a while it seems, but it is going to take my poor head a long time to get used to the Democrats as the party of septuagenarians with old tired ideas; and the Republicans as the party of people younger and maybe more libertarian (we can hope) than me.
    And I think a lot of others are going to have real bad cognitive dissonance in the next election.
    So… Simpson’s quote is spot on.

  2. Moe, I’m 49 – I’m there. I just keep on going; there isn’t any other viable alternative.

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