Pennsylvania Democrats: finally found an alternative to Sestak in PA-SEN primary.

Man, the Democrats REALLY don’t want Joe Sestak to run for Senate again, huh?

Pennsylvania Democrat Katie McGinty will resign her position as chief of staff to Gov. Tom Wolf on Thursday in preparation to run for the United States Senate, two sources with direct knowledge of the situation tell National Journal.


McGinty’s entrance would be a major victory for Democrats in Washington, who have scoured Pennsylvania looking for a top-tier candidate in what should be a politically-crucial Senate battleground in 2016. Party leaders are wary about the only Democrat in the race, former Rep. Joe Sestak, concerned that his unwillingness to listen to strategic advice could cost them a winnable race against the well-entrenched Toomey.

Sestak apparently is going to make them fight it out, though. And, contrary to the National Journal: neither candidate is especially stellar in terms of going up against an incumbent Senator who is both popular, and in better financial shape than either; neither Illinois nor Wisconsin are nearly as in the bag as Democrats pretend to believe*; and I would not be sanguine about Hillary Clinton’s ability to carry herself over the finish line, let alone anybody else. But, hey, other than that everything’s coming up roses for the Democrats, right?

Moe Lane

*Especially Wisconsin. Russ Feingold started pretty well, but… well, he got kind of rocked back at the ‘revelation’ that Mr. Campaign Finance ‘Reform’ was gonna be taking that sweet, sweet PAC money. Not to mention the fact that Feingold used his own PAC to keep his campaign staff on the contributor dole until he needed them. ┬áJust another politician, in other words – and that’s Kiss Of Death territory, for somebody with Feingold’s public image.

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  1. Wisconsin elected Tammy Baldwin. they’ll do most any damn thing if someone running for national office has a D after their name, apparently.

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