“And A Big Yellow Taxi Took My Young Professionals Voting Bloc Away…” Hmm. Doesn’t scan.

This should surprise precisely nobody.

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul opened a campaign office at a San Francisco tech incubator that hosted a 24-hour “hack-a-thon” last month. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio won the backing of Oracle founder Larry Ellison. He held a fundraiser for the senator, whose new book has a chapter with this title: “Making America Safe for Uber.”

“There’s a lot of folks out here who naturally fall into a libertarian place and in the past they were not feeling the love from the GOP,” said Scott Banister, an investor who is raising money for Paul. “Obviously, if the Democratic Party is going to come down on the side of ‘let’s shut down these businesses,’ that’s going to force the issue.”

This particular combination of money, votes, and buzz should naturally attract either of the political parties. That it only attracts one of them is perhaps not optimal for the Republic, but it could be worse. At any rate: I look forward with some interest to Hillary Clinton explaining to young voters next year why they should wait twice as long for a more expensive taxi that doesn’t give them as good service.  It should be a hoot.

Via Hot Air Headlines.

One thought on ““And A Big Yellow Taxi Took My Young Professionals Voting Bloc Away…” Hmm. Doesn’t scan.”

  1. This is not really a *surprise*, is it?
    The Dems – and especially Obama – have run on the idea of re-starting the “iron triangle” variant of the Blue State model… (big government regulating, big near-monopolistic corporations, employing big labor unions, all interacting to create a predictable (and *very* Orwellian) future..)
    Uber hits at two of these – cab drivers are, in many places, unionized (Teamsters) – cab dispatch companies are big and enjoy near-monopoly status.
    No wonder the Dems are .. not sure how to pay off their blocs .. and embrace the upstarts.

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