I tremble for the Republic.

Dear me.

It takes a lot for me to have sympathy for a White House spokesman, let alone a Democratic one, but this would do it. Especially since you know what that guy was thinking. He was thinking of this movie clip:

And can you blame him?

Moe Lane

13 thoughts on “I tremble for the Republic.”

      1. After a few minutes of looking – he seems to be doing very well. He’s tweeting and facebooking quite a bit.
        Oh and he’s now straight with a wife and a kid.

  1. Eh. It’s a touchy-feely newsesque story .. Obama’s from (or “has roots” / “lived for a time”) on the continent where the lion in question was shot ..
    It’s a stupid waste of time, but .. I can see why the journolister went there …. it took time away from someone asking a serious question, after all.

  2. Wasn’t there a song about this a way back ” The Lion Sleeps Tonight (With the Fishes ) .

    1. Ah, the jungle, the mighty jungle, where happiness is only a weem away…

        1. Interesting article, but I now have that song lodged in my mind. 3 hours later, it’s still there.

          Oh well, proof I still have a mind, anyway.

  3. You know, if he’d actually awarded her zero points and asked God to have mercy on her soul, I’d actually have developed some respect for him.

  4. “But not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it.”

  5. An honest response might have been:
    “While it is true the President is very lazy and spends most of his time watching television, playing video games, and planning parties and vacations, he is really too busy with to concern himself with an animal that few had even heard of a few days ago, no matter how they seem to feel now. If that’s the most important question you have, please don’t come back.”

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