Quote of the Day, The Democrats Will Need Another Shellacking First edition.

This is an interesting factoid:

… right now, the Republican presidential bench is much deeper, and younger, than the Democrats’: The average age of the five Democrats already running for president, along with Biden and Gore, is 66 years old. By contrast, the average age of the 17-person Republican presidential field is 57.4 years old.

And it represents a real problem for Democrats. But for right now, they can’t do anything about it.  Why? Easy: if they want to rebuild their brand, first they’d have to admit that there’s something wrong with their party.  And that there’s something wrong with Barack Obama, who is the face of their party.

They will, of course, not do this. It’s easier to complain about redistricting and scary big money. Not necessarily smarter, but it’s certainly easier.

Moe Lane

One thought on “Quote of the Day, The Democrats Will Need Another Shellacking First edition.”

  1. Couple things .. Al Gore is 67, Biden is 72, so .. adding them pulls the average up .. slightly, in Gore’s case. (O’Malley is 52, whatever else you may wish to say about him) Subtracting out Gore doesn’t make much difference, dropping Biden .. helps a little more to balance things out.
    That said, while I agree the Dems need some time in the wilderness, I’m not sure they’re heading there .. or whether there’s a major shuffle ahead. We are past due for one ..

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