Is Bill Clinton… entirely well?

No, seriously, I’m not trying to make a joke here.  Go and look at this picture.


The muscle tone isn’t so bad, but what’s his body fat percentage? 1%? If you had asked me to guess his age, and I didn’t know him, I’d have said that he was 75 and was religiously doing one of those weird Californian* dubious diet/life regimens. …Which may not be so far from the truth, at that.

This isn’t me mocking, by the way. I’m legitimately startled. And I don’t associate that look with ‘good health,’ either.

Moe Lane

*If he had a tan, I would have said ‘New Mexico’ instead.

14 thoughts on “Is Bill Clinton… entirely well?”

  1. Regarding the kid, I’m not sure I’d recognize him either. I mean, heart surgery etc. can take a toll but holy cow.

  2. I remember how beefy he used to be in the early ’90s…one of my co-workers nicknamed him “Puffy” during the ’92 campaign. The man does not look well.

  3. He’s been on a low fat, low salt, high fiber, vegan diet for a while. Whether that’s the cause, or he’s got some advanced cancer, he doesn’t look good.

    1. If I were a betting man, I’d put money on him having his stomach stapled or bypassed. Rather than some fruitcake diet.
      There’s a look that goes with that, and he’s definitely got it.

  4. Well he’s a cardiac patient. He found religion on his diet but I don’t much agree with the extremes… muscle loss comes with age but looking at his hands and arm he’s lost more than that. I saw a video of him bending to place a ball at that meeting (I have my doubts it was a social game) and it looked both awkward and slow. And if I recall correctly there’s not a lot of longevity in his family history\genetics. People age at different rates as well but in his case he hasn’t exactly sought out the low stress lifestyle in retirement and I doubt he has a happy married life. I bet years ago that George H.W. Bush would be the one to attend his funereal… it might be a close race but that’s looking more and more likely (given the fact he doesn’t look like he has much of a fat reserve left and bout with pneumonia may be enough).

    1. “… I doubt he has a happy married life.”

  5. I keep seeing thew headline of the article and the picture. I keep thinking why is Obama heckling Clinton?
    He does not look well, by the way.

  6. He’s been kinda gaunt for a while. Maybe went on a diet after his heart surgery?


    Anyway, I’d say a bit of gauntness along with an unsympathetic photographer (harsh lighting, unflattering pose) and you get what’s in the picture.

  7. those teenage girls on the island can drain ya good. almost a psychic vampire kinda bit….

  8. he probably ought to be worried about Hillary having him offed during the campaign to garner sympathy votes. I’m only sort of kidding.

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