In the e-mail: @GregStolze’s ‘The Forgotten Monk.’

The Forgotten Monk is set in the fantasy RPG world of 13th Age; fortunately, Greg Stolze knows how to write, so I’m not worried that this will be a problem. The book is not actually out yet, though. I got an early copy, thanks to the Kickstarter. I figured that it wasn’t really much of a risk, because, again, Greg Stolze knows how to write. Besides, the more money he makes now, maybe the faster the new edition of Unknown Armies comes out…

2 thoughts on “In the e-mail: @GregStolze’s ‘The Forgotten Monk.’”

  1. 13th Age is my favorite fantasy RPG I’ve never actually played (which is to say I really like the rules in theory, but my gaming group fell apart before I could try them and I haven’t found a new one). Wasn’t aware anyone had tried to set fiction in the base game universe, though.

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