German intelligence agency: Kurds attacked with mustard gas.

As in, last month. The AP article mentioned at the link suggests that the gas Рused, of course, by Islamic State, because death cults would find the thought of poison gas congenial Рis either left over from the Saddam era (BECAUSE SOME JACKASS IN THE OVAL OFFICE LET ISLAMIC STATE OVERRUN SYRIA), or else was made recently in Mosul (BECAUSE SOME JACKASS IN THE OVAL OFFICE LET ISLAMIC STATE OVERRUN PARTS OF KURDISTAN). I will leave it to my readers to decide which is the more alarming scenario.

By the way: what is going on in Iraq and Syria right now under Barack Obama is what the antiwar movement pretended had happened in Iraq under George W Bush. Personally, I would have preferred that we never actually got to see what all of that would have looked like for real.  Then again, I also would have preferred that the Democrats had elected somebody who knew how to properly fight a war.

Moe Lane


  • Antoninus Pius says:

    have there been any Dems like that since Truman passed? trying to remember….

  • midwestconservative says:

    Unfortunately the antiwar movement will likely get one of theirs elected PM up in Canada. Mulcair won’t even support Obama’s nothingburger strategy.

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