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…this article (also via Instapundit) on the rise of self-published e-books over the last year is very interesting and I will need to read it a couple more times to make sure that I understand all the implications and arguments found in it. Very short version: e-book sales are thriving, despite the fact that large print publishers hate e-books. And the aforementioned publishers’ share of the e-book market is, unsurprisingly, shrinking.

As I said: I need to read this a couple more times. The thesis fits my personal desires and life goals just a little too well, you see. Must if it’s true, it’s significant…


  • sicsemperstolidissimum says:

    Haven’t you been reading the comments on ATH and MGC about who has been making money indy publishing once they’ve started writing enough books a year, and have a half dozen or so out?
    If you dropped political blogging, I’m sure you could do at least two to four a year.
    As is, you seem to have a less busy period going on now. Why not give it a try? The MGC folks et al. have tutorials for most of the stuff that might be new to you.

  • CJCarella says:

    I’m two years and five novels in, and indy publishing is earning me a decent income (not live-on money yet, but getting there, bit by bit). Having some measure of name recognition is a big help. The entry costs are minimal, ranging from zero if you can DIY to a few hundred bucks to a thousand depending on how much you’re willing to pay for professional services. It’s certainly worth doing, IMHO.

    • CWC says:

      BTW, I strongly recommend Mr Carella’s novels to … did you say five? I’ve only got three. {Visits Finds two new books. Buys same.}

      Which is a good illustration of why Big Publishing is headed for disaster unless they make drastic changes: with a little effort, I can find better books than almost every title they publish, at lower prices, in convenient electronic form.

  • BigFire says:

    Larry Correia have a very long fisking of Huffington Post article on publishing: read it and wept.

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