2 thoughts on “‘The Godfather (Main Theme).’”

  1. Appropriate for the day.
    Learned some new information about how Obamacare is going to screw over my family today.
    Or rather, I think I learned. Having a b*tch of time confirming anything.
    Short version: If you adopt a medically fragile child from the foster system, the child stays on the Medicaid rolls. If you’re responsible, you also have private insurance for the child, which is primary, Medicaid backstops as secondary, and aside from the occasional bureaucratic bumble**ck, it works well for getting the child the health care they need while avoiding financial ruin.
    Of course, fringe cases like this didn’t actually receive much debate when the ACA was being rammed through.
    Now it seems you have to pick one or the other. Or at least, that’s what a number of insurance agents are “pretty sure of, but don’t know for certain, or how to find out”.
    Evidently, the only reason we have been able to keep both, was because our plan was grandfathered in. (We’re being forced off that plan in a couple of months, hence why we were lining up a new plan.)
    Not that there seems to be any actual information about this change on the internet. But we’ll get an answer soon. The interwebs are still just dandy for finding public officials. (And my wife sobbing to our congressman’s aide won’t hurt.)
    Heck, if need be, I can still draft a pretty sharp press release.
    😉 Hope every single one of you had a better day!

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