Michigan abortion doctor apparently caught working out of his car.

Oh, look. Another law-breaker with an abortionist’s license. 

Great. Meet ‘Doctor’ Michael Roth – and the scare quotes do not represent me calling his medical degree into question. They represent me being appalled that I have to give him an ancient and honorable title of respect and courtesy:

Why did police find containers full of pain medication and what appears to be human tissue in the trunk of a Michigan OB/GYN’s car? Answers are forthcoming and they are not going to be pleasant.

Detroit’s WXYZ reports that police in the wealthy suburb of West Bloomfieldfound “14 containers of human tissue, possibly fetuses, medical equipment and large amounts of fentanyl” in the trunk of the doctor’s car after it was impounded as part of an accident investigation launched in early October. Fentanyl is a powerful painkiller often used in brief surgical procedures.

See, if you’re wondering why the pro-life movement seems to be a lot less willing to trust the pro-abortion people – and, yes, there is a distinct flavor of ‘pro-abortion’ running through the Other Side these days – well, it may have something to do with the way that various and sundry abortionists keep getting caught breaking the law. And these laws are regulatory ones. It was the intent of the people of Michigan to stop people from having abortions outside of a proper facility – which this Michael Roth guy ignored. It was the intent of the people of Pennsylvania to maintain minimum standards of health, safety, and dignity – which the infamous Kermit Gosnell ignored (at least, he ignored it when his ‘patient’ wasn’t white). And it was certainly the intent of the people of the United States to not make baby harvesting into a profitable biotech industry – which, as we’re even now discovering, Planned Parenthood ignored totally.

I’m sorry, but I cannot in good conscience pretend that I do not see a trend, here. You don’t go as far as these people go and still get to credibly claim that you hate having to do abortions. In Roth’s case, there’s a decades-long trail of him getting in trouble for performing abortions outside of a clinic – and there was no reason for him not to perform abortions in his office. But apparently the man got into it.  Which is unsurprising: you steep yourself in a certain way of thinking for long enough, eventually it ends up flavoring everything that you do.

One last note: I was a toddler when Roe v. Wade was decided, but I am given to understand that a powerful argument in favor of legalized abortion back then was that it was better to have the practice legal and regulated, so that people would not have to resort to unsafe and dangerous illicit procedures.  …How is that working out for us, again? Because apparently we’re still getting all of that.

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4 thoughts on “Michigan abortion doctor apparently caught working out of his car.”

  1. Your final point doesn’t really work as stated. A legal regime may greatly reduce the incidence of an undesired activity without eliminating it 100%. That doesn’t mean the legal regime is invalid or useless. (We make rape illegal so people won’t do it — but some people do anyhow. That doesn’t mean we should legalize rape.)

    What you’d need to do to put teeth into your argument is look at empirical data on the actual impact of legal abortion on health and safety. If legalizing abortion reduced incidents of unsafe and dangerous illicit procedures by 95%, say, then that argument in its support would remain powerful. If it only reduced such incidents by 5% then the argument would be pretty weak. But without knowing the actual impact you can’t draw the kind of inference you attempt here from a handful of data points.

    1. Incorrect.
      An emotional appeal to legalize a barbaric practice lest “back alley abortions” take place loses its potency if the same occur under a regime where murdering the unborn is legal.
      Numbers simply do not factor into it. It’s Boolean, either a thing happens, or it doesn’t.

  2. Wait, wasn’t back-alley abortions the argument against making them illegal?

    Oh, well, when Liberal Logic disagrees with reality, discard reality.

  3. Abortion is marketed to middle and upper middle class white women as the back-stop they need ‘just in case’.

    Abortions’ reality is of a lower demographic group, and a group decidedly higher in melanin content; just as it had always been aimed at.

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