6 thoughts on “‘Fire.’”

  1. Most likely just a sprain, then.
    If you’d broken, dislocated, or torn ligaments in it, I’m pretty sure you’d know by now.
    If the weight of the blanket on your toe keeps you from getting much sleep tonight, you might want to have someone look at it (or set it/relocate it yourself).
    Otherwise, you probably don’t have much to worry about.*
    *Not a doctor, nor did I stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night. Just a bit accident prone, and so a fair bit of experience.

  2. Also, for some reason broken/cracked bones don’t tend to swell as much, so if it’s swollen it’s less likely to be broken. Unless you combined a sprain/dislocate with a crack, of course. I’ve never broken my big toe though. The little ones in the middle? Several times, and pretty much it’s just been ‘tape em up and limp for a couple of weeks’…
    Oh, one other thought, if you don’t know what you did to it to cause it, might be gout. If so, that sucks.

  3. Big toes can be tricky and they’re really important. If you can bear weight on it, that’s good. If it’s not obviously bent sideways, that can be good too. Swollen is no big deal, as long as it’s just swollen. But you can have painful stable fractures (like sesamoid bone fractures) that just take weeks to heal, or you can muck up the ligaments or tendons leading to the toe and just WISH you had broken something. And yes, I say all of this as a doctor, but not YOUR doctor. If it don’t seem right, get thee to someone who isn’t posting under a pseudonym.
    And don’t get me started on bunions. We’d be here all day.

  4. I broke my big toe and didn’t have it seen to right away…a big mistake. What would have been a straightforward fix became painfully complex as I mucked it up royally by gimping around on it.

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