Live results tonight on Kentucky Governor’s race at @AOSHQDD.

Found here. Fair warning: I dunno if Matt Bevin’s gonna pull this one out. Kentucky is one of the few places left in the South where the Democratic party still survives and the polling has been ever-so-slightly favoring Jack Conway. Guess we’ll see…

6 thoughts on “Live results tonight on Kentucky Governor’s race at @AOSHQDD.”

  1. I have lived here a long time, Moe. I am continually surprised when a Republican wins office in this state.

    1. And the nice thing about a sunny outlook like mine is that, so often, the surprises are pleasant ones.

  2. AP called it for Bevin about 15 minutes ago – 52-44%. not even really close.
    Lundergan-Grimes gets to keep her job, alas.

  3. And Bloomberg threw his money away in Virginia. 21 GOP state Senate seats with 4 more yet to be called (all currently held by democrats, so….)

  4. I lived in Kentucky for a bit. Was shocked to find the highest aspirations of people there was to land a union job where you’d be paid lots of money to do not much of anything.
    The state has a miasma of lassitude. It’s where ambition goes to die.

  5. The map over at AOS tells the story . The democrat base is Louisville; the rest of the state is R . As to Louisville , it is much like Baltimore : Yankees get to B-more and think they come South ,Southerners come to B-more and think they’ve come North . Same for Louisville . And BTW , they are both wrong .

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