Giant blue-collar union now giving money to Republicans.

Oh, look, a blue-collar labor union is upset over Barack Obama’s rejection of the Keystone Pipeline:

One of the nation’s largest unions accused President Obama of betraying workers and the labor movement by blocking the Keystone Pipeline…

Yeah, yeah, whatever.  Call me when they do something about it…

…and is backing up its rhetoric with campaign donations to Republicans.


Well, now.  Let me take this opportunity to offer my humble apologies for any hasty, hostile, or intemperate language that I may have offered on this topic in the past, and be among the first to congratulate the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) for standing up for the cause of the American working man. If anyone at LIUNA would like friendly advice on candidates and politicians to support in the future, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. After all, we’re all in this together.

5 thoughts on “Giant blue-collar union now giving money to Republicans.”

  1. The Beltway Democrats as represented by President Obama have decided that the monies that flow from uber-rich bi-coastal elites are what they want to cultivate. The money.
    The actual votes from Democrats who cannot – for example – buy a few hours at the lectern of the US Senate? Those are of less concern, and the number of Democrats in office that are not named Barack Obama, harry Reid, or Nancy Pelosi, bear witness to that.
    Pelosi, Obama, and Reid are deeply placed sleeper type agents of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, correct? Because I can have no other explanation for why they have persisted in doing so much damage to their party.

  2. Now if the negroes could learn the same lesson ( you’re being played/ look at your miserable schools ) , MB the D party would be down to nothing but bien pensant SJW elites that prop it up with $ million $ dollar checks while supporting with words only the ‘working man ‘ . Nah , the cult is too strong for that .. Hillary ! 2016 !!

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