Some bad stuff happening in France right now.

The reporting is Chaos and Old Night right now, but it’s bad. Coordinated bad. “France may very well find itself at war soon” bad.

That’s it.


  • nicklevi86 says:

    France “going to war” again is sobering, considering it was their withered incapacity that shamed Obama into bungling Libya. IF we can hold out for one more year for sanity…….

  • Luke says:

    As much as I enjoy making fun of the post-WWI “cheese eating surrender monkeys”, I admit that it’s a small chapter in France’s history. They have a long and storied martial past.
    We’ll see how deeply the postmodern rot has set in.
    I’d be a lot more confident if the french hadn’t previously let the Charlie Hebdo massacre and months of rioting by “youths” slide.
    But especially with the EU dictocrats choosing to dissolve the people and appoint another, maybe they’ll wake up.

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