• JustDave says:

    So I take it you saw the new Star Trek trailer?

    (If not, here it is)

  • Luke says:

    In completely unrelated news, Cruz is laying the groundwork for one heck of campaign.
    I just got an advertisement from his organization disguised as a telephone poll.
    In Idaho, a state sure to go R, and which doesn’t have an early primary. (Next time I get to cast a vote that isn’t symbolic will be the first.)
    I figured right off that it was a push poll, and kept waiting for the underhanded attack. But no. It was both an advertisement, and market research about the issues they’d pegged as likely to resonate in the region.

  • Skip says:

    Hey, maybe Springsteen could cover it – it’s a bit complicated for him melodically so he may not manage to stay in tune, though…

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