Quote of the Day, ‘Transformation’ Is A Double-Edged Sword edition.

This is an interesting, complex, and possibly a touch unfair* assessment of Ronald Reagan’s accomplishments and successes, and you should read it – but I mostly want to show you this particular sick burn.

Though [Barack Obama] won a comfortable reelection, his party suffered a shocking collapse. After six years of his leadership, the Democrats have fewer congressmen, U.S. senators, governors, and state legislative chambers than at any time since the 1920s. For someone who doesn’t believe in turning back the clock, Obama certainly has done a good job of it. Democratic legislators might be forgiven for thinking they’d suffered a reverse Rip Van Winkle, falling asleep in the Age of Obama and waking up in the Age of Calvin Coolidge.

Ouch. And heh.

Moe Lane

*Any assessment of Ronald Reagan’s domestic agenda and its outcomes must, I think, admit that the ultimate focus of Reagan’s time in office was in how best to ram an iron stake through the black, acidic heart of Soviet Communism.

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  • acat says:

    This’d warm the cockles of what passes for my heart** more if I believed those running the GOP were qualified to buff Reagan’s shoes.
    As it is, I shall continue to hope for a shoeshine boy.
    *musical interlude*
    ** According to my last physical, a double-chocolate doughnut, with extra sprinkles

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