Tweet of the Day, I RT This Tweet From @aterkel Unironically edition.

After all, this revelation about progressive PR firm Fitzgibbon Media’s President Trevor FitzGibbon’s apparent history of sexual assaults/harassment is absolutely a scandal and an outrage. Particularly when, as @baseballcrank notes, you look at the third paragraph in that list.

Then again, we’ve known for some time that progressives are curiously lax sometimes in policing their own. Or, more accurately: in policing their own white males. It’s nice to see some on the Left caring about that, for a change.

4 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, I RT This Tweet From @aterkel Unironically edition.”

      1. See, this is one of those advantages to an armed society .. when dereliction of duty is seen as an offense, the offenders get removed from the memetic petri dish.

  1. Yeah that third paragraph says it and that is Fen’s Law: The Left believes nothing that it lectures everyone else about.

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