Come. Let me show you something that is WORSE than ‘no gift.’

Feast your eyes upon this horror.


For when you want to say Hi. Not only did I forget to get you something for Christmas, I don’t even care enough to pick out what piece of hyper-partisan junk to give you as a ‘present.’ So I’m just going to give you this gift card so that you can give your contact information to the Democratic National Committee.  And the best part? I thought that all of this was clever.

And for the love of God, RNC: don’t do this.  This is hideous.  It’s almost Hellish, only not in an excitingly transgressive way…

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  • Compound says:

    This is when you go to one of the “we buy gift cards” places. Surely one of them will give you something for the, ahem, “value” of DNC gift cards.

    • acat says:

      That’s .. one approach.
      The other would be to mail ’em to Repubs who .. need encouraging .. with a note. (then, of course, claiming the tax deduction)

  • 1_rick says:

    Can you get one of these cards in sub-$5 denominations? A $1 card would probably cost the DNC money.

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