Book of the Week: Every Inch A King.

Every Inch a King is not Harry Turtledove’s weightiest work; but it’s entertaining.  It’s only technically fantasy: basically, real life created a story so absurd that Turtledove had to add fantastic elements to it. Nobody would have believed that it happened, otherwise.

There’s a lesson, there.

And so, adieu to Binscombe Tales – The Complete Series.

4 thoughts on “Book of the Week: Every Inch A King.”

  1. Is this out of stock at Amazon because your loyal followers have already ordered up all copies????? By the by, Binscombe Tales was also out of stock.

    1. who buys print books anymore?

      (not entirely sarcasm; I haven’t bought any fiction in print in five years except for a few books where there was an unacceptably long delay between hardcover and Kindle)

  2. Anytime Harry Turtledove shows up I want to plug my favorite – Guns of the South. Told from the point of view of General Robert E. Lee himself and a lowly Corporal, it tells how a group of time traveling South Africans seek to change history by providing the south with AK-47’s. A really well written and researched book, HT takes a seemingly cliched premise and turns out a really good read that deals with the multitude of complexities behind the Civil War.

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