Quote of the Day, Things Aren’t Chipper On The Other Side, Either edition.

They are freaking out at the thought of Mike Bloomberg jumping in…

…and that makes a lot of sense. Bloomberg would drain votes from the Democrats like nobody’s business. The GOP? Not so much. Man has a name for pettiness.

Moe Lane

PS: The reality, of course, is that in a three person race where the Democrats were split into two rival factions the GOP candidate would just simply win. Just like in 1968, really.  But then, Dan Pfeiffer has a vested interest in pretending that the Democrats would get 60%+ of the vote in a two-man 2016 race, instead of about, oh, 48% or so.

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day, Things Aren’t Chipper On The Other Side, Either edition.”

  1. Wasn’t Bush making noises that he’d go third party if Trump got the nomination. A four person race would be Just Perfect.

  2. Maybe what Pfeiffer is thinking is that, in a two-way race between Trump and Clinton/Sanders, lots of people who would normally vote for the GOP nominee would vote Dem instead. I don’t know how right he is about that, but there are some of us (myself most definitely included) who will not vote for Trump. In a Trump-Clinton or Trump-Sanders race, with no third party involved, I just won’t vote.
    The addition of Bloomberg wouldn’t change that calculus, except insofar as I would now not be voting for THREE people instead of two.

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