Marco Rubio and the Football of Vengeance.

I was only going to chuckle about this Marco Rubio ad, but then I got to 1:27 and then I realized that I’d have to post it.  I seriously have to. It’s, like, a geek obligation and everything.

Via @EWErickson.

Moe Lane

PS: Dr. Ben Carson is a remarkably nice man. I mean, it’s like there’s no malice or spite in him at all. What the hell is he doing in American politics?

4 thoughts on “Marco Rubio and the Football of Vengeance.”

  1. I confess to letting out a Squee when that popped up in TFA, but this is kinda hilarious all around. You, sir, have done The Right Thing.

  2. Carson is showing us what we could have if we were decent people. we don’t deserve him. or Cruz or Rubio either. on the other hand, we don’t deserve Anthony Weiner either. maybe next election, after 4 years of Trump.

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