Tweet of the Day, This Is Not Compatible With Democrats Winning Iowa edition.

A lot of the discussion about the meaning of this Tweet will be about Trump – as Hot Air notes, it’s mixed news as best – but the real issue here is that there is a remarkable enthusiasm gap in Iowa when you compare 2008 to 2016:

There was no Democratic caucus in Iowa in 2012, so we have to look to 2008. The real story here is that the GOP in Iowa is engaged, and that the Democrats are not.  How does this translate to specific candidates, on the Republican side? Nobody knows. People who tell you – as in, with unshakable certainty – that they know are either lying, or delusional. Well. In my opinion, at least.

…Still, I can say with a certain degree of confidence that in general these numbers translate as ‘bad news’ to all of the Democratic candidates in Iowa. And Iowa is not the only state threatening to flip to the GOP in the general election this cycle. Not hardly.

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  1. Since Donald Trump has recruited the population of the United States of America, and if things continue, the entire planet Earth as part of the Greatest Reality Show Ever, I am going to drop this in. I wrote it for AoSHQ earlier this day:

    “Send In the Trump”

    I’m really rich, her head’s full of air
    She’s a blonde bimbo – what’s with my hair?
    Send in the Trump

    Here are my terms, don’t you approve?
    You’re holding firm, say you won’t move
    There’ll be no Trump, you need the Trump

    Just when you thought I would cave in
    You finally learned I don’t need you to win
    You won’t have my zingers or my personal flair
    My saying “It’s Yuuuge!”
    Or my weird hair.

    Fox is a farce, like that debate there
    You should have taken my deal, I don’t really care
    They say where is the Trump? Send in the Trump
    It’s boring right there.

    I’m really rich, the debate’s awful bare
    Mess with me? Shouldn’t have dared.
    Where is the Trump? You’ll get lots of Trump
    I’ll be here all year.

    I…appreciate it, I revel in it for the entertainment value and all of great openings for jokes it gives me, but TRUMP: The Campaign, to be followed by four to eight years of TRUMP: The Presidency – I don’t know what to do.

    Well, no. I do know one thing; I know to blame both major parties for having failed so much at doing their duties that we are here. Someone needs to step in and remind these people that with “Noblesse” comes the old “Oblige” or you get this.*

    *Actually, they all need to be dropped off in a swampy place where a passel of R. Lee Ermey clones screams into their ears for six months straight the thing they should have got from any Spider-Man movie. If any of them receive a “wall-to-wall-discussion” then it would only be to the good.

  2. Curse this site and the inability of an “enter stroke” to actually create spaces!
    (I don’t really mean curse – I can’t quit this!)

  3. IS there any indication that this is NOT a concerted Dem effort to fiddle with the Republican primary?

    Too many times, we’ve been surprised by some Dem move that was predictable but unpredicted.

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