Barack Obama stabs Charles Schumer in the back.

Yes. This is precisely the time for the White House to get into a fight with the next Senate Minority Leader. What a brilliant plan, Barack Obama. Brilliant:

The White House on Wednesday lambasted Sen. Chuck Schumer, calling into question his national security credentials after he criticized the Obama administration over homeland security funding.


“At some point Sen. Schumer’s credibility in talking about national security issues, particularly when the facts are as they are when it relates to homeland security, have to be affected by the position that he’s taken on other issues,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest shot back.

Oh, yes, I know: Schumer will take the blow and not say anything, because of the Supreme Court Justice thing. But it’s still funny to watch one of the most powerful men in Washington get lectured to by the lackey of somebody whose own power in Dizzy City declines every. Single. Day.  You think Senator Schumer’s going to remember this one? I bet he might.

7 thoughts on “Barack Obama stabs Charles Schumer in the back.”

  1. Oh good, our incompetent toddler-in-chief shiv’d a seasoned veteran of one of the tougher political schools in the back … with a pencil ….
    Perfect for election season.

  2. At his next press conference Obama reaches to his neck and removes a life-like mask to reveal who he truly is…
    Veruca Salt.

  3. Not Minority , Majority Leader . Think on this , dear readers , when we awake on Nov 6 , we will be looking at D Senate , who believe they have a ‘mandate’ , a R Senate Minority who will do anything to keep their own little personal franchise ( Cf Grassley on SCOTUS ) and Madame President . And by the end of April , SCOTUS with a very very very progressive bent : Say goodbye to Heller for starts . As bad as things are now , just you wait . Majority Leader Schumer is the least of it .

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