Please, do not try to place obituaries of political candidates in the newspapers.

People will want to chat with you afterward.

I mean, in what universe is this considered intelligent? What the hell do you expect the Secret Service to do… OK, don’t answer that.  What the hell do you expect a COMPETENT Secret Service to do?  Have a bit of a laugh and move on?

Noooo. They might appear to laugh and move on, but what they will do is put you on a list that you will never, ever leave.  And I can’t quite make myself feel badly about that, either. Because that’s just dumb, man. Legit dumb.


  • Luke says:

    More importantly, it’s funny
    And it gives our public servants the appropriate amount of respect (that is to say, none at all).
    Sure, the person who did it was a lefty. But he was bygod an American!

  • nicklevi86 says:

    So a disrespectful child wth no impulse control? Sounds like a Bernie supporter….

  • jaytrain says:

    Is that the same Secret Service that stiffs the hookers in Caracas ? The same ones who wreck their cruiser driving drunk ?? Why yes it is !! Well there on the case now .

  • mojo says:

    There are no good lists. it’s like a rule or something.

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