My RedState post on Kathy McGinty.

Found here. Short version: she’s the less-crazy Democrat running for PA-SEN and she’s a total crony capitalist, government bureaucrat edition. Goes from private to public and back to private with nary a thought, and all of her friends make out like bandits. ¬†Amazing!

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  • jaytrain says:

    And yet . She should be DOA except that if the D’s manage a big GOTV for Hillary , she takes Philly and environs , with the same crowd in P-burg doing the same , again big time . Some years, just doing that gives one the Pa vote : look at Wolf . Given that he was up against a political cripple , even so Wolf is an abomination ,but governor none the less . But give the D’s credit , from Hillary on down , they steal with both hands and get away with it because ……..

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