Erick Erickson’s endorsement for President.

Makes sense to me:

If Cruz and Rubio are too immature to stop fighting each other to attack Trump, we should force them.

If Marco Rubio is in first or second place headed into your state’s primary, vote for Rubio, even if you like Cruz.

In the same way, if Ted Cruz is in first or second place headed into your state’s primary, vote Cruz, even if you like Rubio.

The goal must be to first stop Trump.

Then we can hash it out between ourselves.

I’m in a bind here, folks. I know that some of you are going to yell about this in the comments sections, I’m in no mood to tolerate that*, but it’s unfair not to trust adults to act like adults. So I won’t pre-close comments. But I am in a state right now, and it’s a half-and-half one. Half of it is because of the 9/11 Troofer who is the front-runner right now. The other half is because of the Cruz-Rubio wars, which are incredibly tiresome and accomplish nothing.

Fair warning.

Moe Lane

[UPDATE: As expected, Trump supporters cannot take a hint. YOU’RE NOT WELCOME HERE. I’ve spent the last two weeks dealing with a constant stream of white nationalist Trump-lovers, a few of whom presumed to say shit about my wife and my kids – and oh, yes, my marriage. If your guy gets nominated, I will end up in an intolerable position where I either quit politics, or I defend a guy who is pissing on every principled policy position that I’ve embraced since 2003. I will pick quitting politics, fully aware that this means admitting that I will have fundamentally wasted a large, non-family portion of my life. I will do this, because I will be possibly literally DAMNED otherwise, but I am not happy about it.

So if you want to stick around – and I can’t imagine why you would, given that I’ve just told you that I don’t want you here – keep your mouth shut about Donald J. Trump. Who will, by the way, not build a wall. Not least because Hillary Clinton will be the next President if he’s the nominee.]

*I’ve met and like Ted Cruz. I’ve met and like Marco Rubio. I’ve worked with and like Erick Erickson.

20 thoughts on “Erick Erickson’s endorsement for President.”

    1. Yeah Cruz and Rubio need to sort this thing out fast. Trump or a Democrat for President is a disaster in the making.

      I like Cruz more, but would definitely have no problems voting for Rubio.

    2. Except that many of the power players in Washington actively prefer Trump to Cruz.
      And that many of us feel likewise about Rubio.
      Cry peace, peace; but there is no peace.

  1. Nah, we’re not going to yell at you.
    We’ll just strongly disagree with your position.
    😉 But we’ll still love ya, anyway.

        1. I’m actually a bit perplexed as to why you said that.
          Sure, I advanced an argument you disagree with. But I don’t believe I insulted you or anyone else while doing so.
          While we may believe that each other is utterly wrong on a position, we’re all friends here.

  2. Rubio is DEAD to me due to his 180 on illegal alien. I will only vote for him if its the difference between him or Democrat presidency.

  3. I doubt it would do much good, simply because the hate between the Cruz and Rubio factions, but I will say this, I’m very happy to see that the RedState folks (and I still count Erick among them even though he’s no longer posting there) have a Picard line. Of course, they should have found it eight years ago when we nominated F’ing John McCain, but I digress there.
    And if the other person than Cruz was a number of people not Rubio, I’d even agree with him. But we need to be careful here, because I believe that the large turnout increases we’re seeing in our primaries are not due to general excitement in the Republican field, but are due to folks who generally vote Republican in the general election, but have never before been motivated to vote in the primaries, and are doing so specifically to vote for Trump, specifically because he’s the first candidate in years to pay attention to their desires and issues. I’m speaking of generally white, working and lower middle class men with families. When the punditocracy/commentariat dismisses this block as racist white nationalists, as a number of them have, it risks having them stay home in the general where they generally have not done so. And without that block the Republicans will lose every single election in a landslide.

  4. I think it’s pretty clear now that if Cruz or Rubio want to win they need to go after Trump. I’m still puzzled, with all that he (Trump) has said, why there aren’t ads pounding him on some of his statements.

    There is still some time however for them to get their acts together.

  5. And then the winner of this will duel Trump . I propose , as in Days of Yore , said duel on a sand bar in the Mississippi . And it be of the following type : the two foes , one arm each in a single jacket , and weapons to be knives .The Bowie variety would pretty much guarantee no ties or do overs . I would expect the winner not to be Trump and thus the convention in Cleveland could be an old time drunken pig roast , lots of windbaggery and appropriate misbehavior . Why the media rights alone to the live event would be sufficient to discharge half the national debt.

  6. “due to folks who generally vote Republican in the general election, but have never before been motivated to vote in the primaries, and are doing so specifically to vote for Trump, SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE HE’S THE FIRST CANDIDATE IN YEARS TO PAY ATTENTION TO THEIR DESIRES AND ISSUES.”


    We’ve been voting (for Republicans) for 40 years, but never in a primary, because we never had strong feelings for or against any of the realistic candidates in the primary. As Scott Adams says, they all seemed reasonable to us.

    Not this time. First time ever, we voted in a primary. Voted early, too.

    Trump had me at “build the wall”.

    Yeah, he may disappoint. Maybe. But the others WILL disappoint.

    To NRO, GOPe, etc. all I have to say is, “How do you explain to people who just don’t get it that the problem is they just don’t get it?”

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