Quote of the Day, Nice When They Listen edition.

The plan, apparently, is to just keep barreling through.  And not to be afraid to say what everybody already knew anyway:

[Senator Marco Rubio] also spoke highly of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who endorsed Trump earlier Friday in a surprise endorsement. Rubio said his New Hampshire nemesis is a “talented communicator,” before using that phrase against Trump after Thursday’s debate.

“They probably called him in to help Donald after a very rough evening last night and a rough day on the trail today,” Rubio told the Fox anchor.

Couple of things on that: first, ‘nemesis’ is perhaps not really the right term to use, here. After all, Christie in the long term only damaged Marco’s trajectory, at the cost of destroying his own. Also, the article pretty much makes it clear that Marco Rubio is not particularly afraid of whatever it is that either Chris Christie or Donald Trump has to say. Seeing as the former was called in by the latter because Marco Rubio suddenly became this Seriously Scary Dude…

Moe Lane

PS: If you’re wondering what Ted Cruz is doing, what Ted Cruz is doing is largely avoiding smacking at Marco Rubio, and instead going after Trump himself whenever somebody gives him an opening.  Which is the right call to make here, I think.  The important thing here is to get the fragmentation weapons detonated.  Besides, I’m sure that while Rubio would like to win Texas, he’d like more to make sure that Trump loses it.

3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day, Nice When They Listen edition.”

  1. You’re right. It is nice when they listen. But still, I’ll take it. I only hope it’s not for nothing. Rubio was just a joy to watch work.

  2. I’ve been following local Texan media sites online and Cruz is surging. More good news, a Monmouth poll shows Cruz pulling in 38% of likely Texas Republican primary voters. Donald Trump and Marco Rubio are in a fight for second place in Texas according to this latest poll with Trump at 23% and Rubio at 21% (yes, I know, it’s just one poll).
    Yes! Cruz is still very much in the hunt. In 2012, Mitt Romney was able to leverage his Super Tuesday popular vote showing of 38 percent into controlling a majority of the delegates selected on Super Tuesday.
    I have a gut feeling that Cruz, not Rubio will benefit from the anti-Trump ad buys, and Rubio’s school yard taunts may not play well in Texas, it could backfire and push Cruz to a sweep.
    Two birds with one stone.
    Wouldn’t that be loverly?

  3. “Seeing as the [Christie] was called in because Marco Rubio suddenly …”

    You think Trump didn’t already have the Christie announcement already sewn up and planned for roll out?

    What Rubio did was completely out of character and a total surprise. He’s been running for how long and never shown anything like this before? So the obvious question & reaction is “Wow, where did *that* come from?”

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