Busy morning.

One filled with the minutiae of the Maryland delegate selection process. Not that I, or for that matter the Maryland State Board of Elections, ever really expected that stuff like this could matter – but hoo, boy, does it ever matter this year. This is the year where all the fiddly bits matter, folks. It’d be downright fun, except for that entire Good vs. Evil thing we’ve got going on in the Republican primary right now…

3 thoughts on “Busy morning.”

  1. Attending my senate district convention this past Saturday, I come back that the reason the establishment remains the establishment is not just that they are the ones to go to these seemingly minor events, but that they have the patience or lack of outside lives to *keep* going to them even after experiencing how boring they are firsthand.

    1. YES. This is precisely why I am apparently now part of the ‘establishment,’ at least according to lunatics on Twitter: sometimes, all you need to do is simply care.

      1. Worth noting the distinction between caring et al and self-aggrandizement.
        When I hear “establishment”, I *don’t* think of “Moe Lane”, I think of “Thad Cochran”.

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