Marco Rubio flashes the Hawaiian good-luck symbol from beyond the political grave.

Basically, he told the Alaska GOP that his delegates were NOT to be released to the other candidates. They remain his until the first ballot. And why is this of benign interest to people? Well

If Rubio had not lodged the request, then Trump and Cruz would have received an equal number of delegates in Alaska. Instead, the state party’s apportionment rules meant that Trump lost three delegates and Cruz lost two, which gave the Texas senator a 13-12 lead among Alaska delegates.

You think Trump wouldn’t have minded the sop of a sudden delegate tie in Alaska to distract people from the horrible week he’s having? Well, it ain’t gonna happen, now.  And it’s no skin off of Ted Cruz’s nose, either.  So, you know, good move there from Marco Rubio.

Moe Lane

PS: Rubio’s also requesting that his name be taken off the California ballot. Every little bit helps.

5 thoughts on “Marco Rubio flashes the Hawaiian good-luck symbol from beyond the political grave.”

  1. Nice. I do kind of wish he hadn’t dropped that challenge to Kasich’s signatures to keep that idiot off the PA ballot, though. But maybe the challenge was weaker than I’d heard…

    1. Doesn’t matter. Only 17 of the delegates are bound anyway. The others are officially unbound and there’s no way to tell on the ballot whose they are.

  2. Too little, too late, Rubio should have dropped out after Georgia, now he’s just pandering to remain viable in the future.
    I will always wonder who was advising Rubio and why they chose so poorly.

    1. I suspect Marco was “advising” himself .. and that he believed his own press.

      Nixon proved there is the potential for redemption, Marco may yet find it .. but it’s going to involve *doing the work*, and that pretty much has to mean either running big agency *well*, or running a State.

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