Quote of the Day, We All Have Our Lists edition.

From Something Positive (click through for context):

“I never knew I wanted any of that and I hate you for making me aware.”

…oh, all right. The joke here is the idea of taking gritty comic series and making them light and fluffy for television, solely because they keep taking lighter and fluffier stuff and making that stuff grim and gritty.  It’s a reaction to existing trends, in other words; and everybody probably has a list of stuff that they’d like to see ‘corrupted’ like that.  Here’s my favorite candidate:

…only less self-consciously sarcastic about it.

18 thoughts on “Quote of the Day, We All Have Our Lists edition.”

  1. I have a feeling Alan Moore would not approve. And shouldn’t they be called the Crimebusters?

      1. Actually, I’ve read that Alan Moore actually *DID* like the Saturday Morning Watchmen video.
        And that he approved of the JLU adaptation of “For the Man Who Has Everything”.

      2. Since the Simpsons did the “Watchmen Babies in V for Vacation” joke in the episode where he appeared, I assume he approved of that one.

  2. I’d have to head my list with A Song of Ice and Fire.
    I loved the first 3 books (OK, 1 and 3), but they’ve become so nihilistic that I don’t think I’ll even bother to read the next one (if GRRM ever finishes it).

    1. I don’t think Jake would need bleaching. He’s good and noble, like most good noir detectives.
      It’s the environment and situations that would need lots of bleach.

      1. I agree that Jake is a good noir detective, however his internal monologue goes to some pretty bleak places .. have to drop that tendency for Saturday morning.

        1. Has there been a show with a narrated internal monologue since Blade Runner and Apocalypse Now?
          While I agree, for some reason screen writers seem to hate the trope with a burning passion.
          (I’m not we’re sure why.It’s a powerful one.)

          1. Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid, 1982. But that’s obscure, as well as a parody of the noir genre. Dune, 1984, doesn’t have the monologues, but Lynch has voice-overs of what the characters are thinking. Deadpool, 2016, kinda has a narrated monologue, but it’s as brilliantly broken as the rest of the flick.

          2. Screen writers don’t like the trope of someone thinking .. it’s not easy to convey to the audience or something.
            Cut Heavy Jake’s internal monologue out, though, and .. he’s far less *interesting*.

  3. Be careful what you wish for. “Attack on Titan: Junior High” is exactly what Randy asked for, but it kinda overstays its welcome in the first episode, and there are still a dozen to go after that.

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