2016 Origins Award nominations are out.

The Origins award is basically an award for the tabletop game industry, and not just roleplaying games. It’s a pretty big thing, in some of my circles (including the circles I wouldn’t mind rejoining, and the ones that I’d like to just actually join). I can speak to the Best Roleplaying Game category: Pelgrane Press’s Dracula Dossier Director’s Handbook is, in fact, fantastic (I don’t know the Cubicle 7 entries, but that shop puts out a bunch of good stuff regularly; so does Atlas Games, particularly when it comes to Feng Shui). So, check ’em out.

Via @RobinDLaws.

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  • Spegen says:

    I don’t know much about their history with RPGs but for a long time it was poor among board gamers. Looks the nominations are mostly solid this year.

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