ICYMI: Ted Cruz’s “War Room” ad.

Speaking of epic: this was excellent. The Ted Cruz will need to cut it down for mass consumption (you can see some of the break lines in it), but it’s a crying shame that it has to┬ábe. To paraphrase CS Lewis: not a dull moment in it at all.

2 thoughts on “ICYMI: Ted Cruz’s “War Room” ad.”

  1. Saw it.

    Now, I took off a half day to do yard work because Michigan + spring = rain and that means windows to get stuff done is limited. I bought the house last summer so I am starting to apply ‘me” to the landscaping. And with a 2006 Sebring convertible applying me takes a lot of time going back and forth.

    Still, 20 bags of mulch were deployed into the beds that needed mulch.

    (Sound of laser shots in the background as a squad of troopers come and slide into cover next to the ruined wall.)

    Before the mulch was put down I went back and raked, and trimmed some shrubs, because I wanted to do that before too much started growing.

    (Sergeant – over there! It’s going to foliate over this entire zone! Get your squad to the right and put down cover fire for the Agricide Squads! Go, there isn’t much time!)

    There are a couple areas of the backyard I am keeping off right now. I got enough to deal with, that project is a continuing one.

    (Is it contained?
    It is, but for how long? I have never seen shade-friendly ground cover that was so aggressive. Just grab a sample and launch the rest into the center of a star.
    We can’t do that!
    Then I’m leaving, I don’t want to be part of some phytosoleicarnispongiform thing.)

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