Ted Cruz talks to Trump protesters today in Indiana.

As choices go, it doesn’t get much starker than this, folks.

And I’m going to be honest: I found those protesters embarrassing. They know what they know, and it’s nothing more or nothing less than what they’ve been told, and while I’m sure that the fever will eventually break for them the rest of us may still have to live with the consequences. …If you live in Indiana, go vote for Ted Cruz tomorrow, folks. Pretty please, with sugar on top.


  • dntpnc says:


  • jaytrain says:

    These clowns kept themselves well hidden when a war hero ran in 2008; they were no where to be found when an honest and decent man ran in 2012 . But now , to support a charlatan , at best a charlatan , they find their civic chops ?? Jefferson and Madison and the boys are looking down and muttering ” A Republic if you can keep it ” and crying into their cups .

  • Richard Blaine says:

    We need to require the that voters have at least a room temperature IQ.

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