This is why Full Frontal Nerdity got a Hugo nom.

This is brilliant.  And a time travel plot is an absolutely genius way to bring Harry Mudd into Abrams’s Star Trek series. I am totally in favor of them doing this, particularly since it will allow Abrams to skip over Star Trek III and go directly into ripping off Star Trek IV, which is the smart move there anyway. There’s so much more to mine in The Voyage Home.

Yes, I am a monster in human form. New around here, are we?


  • Luke says:

    It’s brilliant.
    It’s so brilliant that I’m acutely half-tempted to get back on Facebook and send it to a couple of Trekkie friends I haven’t seen in decades. (And who would react most entertainingly.)
    Of course, one of the main reasons I didn’t like ToS was the open contempt with which crew viewed Harry Mudd. He’s a hugely successful entrepreneur out on the frontier, alone, living by his wits.
    You can make that into a flawed character, but not into a criminal buffoon. (I might even have used the phrase “communist subversion”.)

    • Luke says:

      Acutely means actually in this case. There’s nothing like the publish button to reveal typos and autocorrect “helping”.

  • jimf42 says:

    I completely agree…a brilliant idea for a short strip!

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