My PJ Lifestyle piece on social class in RPGs.

Found here. Short version: no, not character class. Dukes and lords and whatnot.

One thought on “My PJ Lifestyle piece on social class in RPGs.”

  1. If I were to be asked about the topic, my kneejerk responce would be “go read some Kipling”.
    It’s frankly astonishing how many questions you can answer that way.
    But I have to say that I wish more setting designers put a lot more thought into what happens with the whole “divine right” thing when there are actual gods running around insisting on making themselves heard, especially when they’re a fractious bunch that don’t agree on much.
    I tend to play with class a lot.
    In general, I prefer my players to be yeoman class for maximum freedom of action. But if someone wants to play a noble or a runaway serf, I’m down with it, I just want to make sure they understand what they’re getting themselves into (and have the appropriate skills and disadvantages to justify it).
    It’s always amazing to me how some players think higher status is an easy mode, instead of a web of obligations that they’re firmly embedded into. Sure, you can pull some strings to help things along, but your going to have your strings pulled about as often. And then there’s the issue that many of the power players are related to you in some fashion, in a world where immoral behavior is to some extent assumed to be hereditary…
    Fantasy can easily be as soap opera as Supers.

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