Dentist visit today, and other unpleasantness.

Fillings, apparently. Teeth aren’t what they used to be. Good news is, it’s supposed to be fast; bad news? …Well, I’m going to the dentist, am I not?

While on the subject of unpleasant but necessary activities, please remember: as the header says, NO POLITICS. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Dentist visit today, and other unpleasantness.”

  1. Got plenty of places to discuss politics, don’t need to drag it into your living room. I miss your POV, but I *get* it.
    That said .. dentist, huh? My condolences. I’d rather pull a 24-hour server rebuild than visit the dentist.

    1. It could have been worse. Although trying to eat California rolls afterward with a slightly numb mouth is… contraindicated.

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