Back from Ghostbusters…

…and I wish that major theaters would show more old movies (yes, I’m calling Ghostbusters ‘old’) on a regular basis. It was pleasant to go see a film like that on the big screen, given that that’s what it was really designed for; and there are decades and decades of films that the theater system could run through. ┬áMind you, I understand that more and more theaters are doing this sort of thing, but… I’m not sure. It feels like they’re missing out on an opportunity and need to change things up,┬ábut I can’t put my finger on what exactly needs to be changed.

Anyway. It was a good evening.

11 thoughts on “Back from Ghostbusters…”

  1. It is surprising to me that they do not do more of, given their penchant of doing remakes. These movies have already been made. The money is lying right there just waiting to be picked up.

    Is anyone telling me that they would not pay to see Ben Hur, Rio Bravo, or Citizen Kane on the big screen instead of whatever craptacular Adam Sandler movie they just churned out?

    1. I wanna see all the World War II movies, myself. I only know them from watching them with my dad on the small-screen TVs of my youth.

      1. I watched “Victory at Sea” when it first came on television. We watched on a 7″ Dumont with a bubble magnifier that made it look like 10″. I guess it was OK, if you like fishbowls. We had the only TV in the neighborhood and every night it came on, once a week for 26 weeks, our living room was chock-a-block full of neighbors.

        There was a 2 1/2 hour theatrical release of the best footage. Silver screen, theater sound system, it was awesome.

        1. With our family it was ‘World at War’ and ‘Between the Wars.’ Must have been on syndication, because I remember watching them as a teenager. still remember the opening sequence to WaW…

      2. Especially the ones that have a blurb at the end ” Buy Your War Bonds at this Theatre “

  2. Seen a couple second-run movie houses that’ve been doing this …
    One also has a grown-ups balcony – beer and wine available at the concession stand.
    I think the hard part is getting a schedule out to the masses…

    1. The Alamo here in Austin regularly runs old movies, particularly in the summer. The most tempting one to me this month is ‘The Good, The Bad and the Ugly’, but it’s only showing at the one downtown, on Father’s Day.

      I’m shortly relocating to the great frozen tundra up north, behind enemy lines in Illinois, and probably good theaters and good BBQ are what I’m going to miss the most, though I can mostly just do the BBQ myself.

  3. I remember when they remastered Casablanca, must have been for the 50th anniversary…saw it at the Chinese Theater…good times.

  4. Well, you’ll be happy to know that at least one chain does show old movies. The Alamo Drafthouse chain. Checking my local location, tomorrow they’re showing Dark Man, Raiders of the Lost Ark and the 80s Clash of the Titans, in addition to the new stuff. They’re reshowing most of the Bond films this month as well.

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