…The pressure differential knocked me on my pins.

I’m getting old: I’ve had a vicious headache since this afternoon over the entire tornado warning thing. ¬†Fortunately, no twister where I was (or at all), but we got hammered by the storm anyway. Even more fortunately, no reports of deaths or serious injuries.

Still: I’m maybe not staying up late tonight. Or doing anything that requires much in the way of thinking. Because OW my head.

3 thoughts on “…The pressure differential knocked me on my pins.”

  1. Come to Texas, you’ll get used to the warnings. I’ve seen probably 6-7 tornadoes in my life in person, none closer than a few miles away. Tho one of my best friend’s parents’ house was destroyed by one on Mothers Day in 1994, missed my folks place by a mile or so. But I wasn’t there.

  2. Yeah, I’ve gotten used to conversations like this:
    Me: “Looks like radar shows thunderstorms rolling in”
    Girlfriend: “So that’s why my migraine has been getting worse the last few hours”

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