Darth Vader returns to Star Wars.

Voiced by James Earl Jones… and not bodied by David Prowse. Apparently that particular feud was ported over to the new owners.  And I can’t… actually, I’ve decided to not have an opinion on said feud.  Life is too short.

As for Darth Vader being in Rogue One: well, geez, easier to have him in there than to say why he’s not, right?  I mean, it’s taking place when he’d be around, and all they need to do is to have James Earl Jones read some dialogue.  I assume that JEJ is hale enough to do that, and it’d be cool if he did.

One thought on “Darth Vader returns to Star Wars.”

  1. Once he is gone, it is time to retire the character to history. Cartoons or videogames are one thing, but the movies need Mustafa

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