In which my In Nomine core rulebook purchase got amusingly screwed up.

So, it’s like this: I have the core rules for In Nomine, of course. Specifically, I had the core rules hardcover reprint that got put out in… 2000, I guess?  I had the 1997 full-color soft-color, too – but I’m pretty sure that I sent that out to the troops when somebody was setting up an RPG convention in Iraq.  Anyway, I was flipping through the reprint the other day, decided that I missed the full-color illustrations, and went onto Amazon to see if there was a decent copy that wasn’t too expensive.  There was! Fourteen bucks, very good condition, no shipping costs.  Sold!

So I assumed I was getting the softcover. This is what I actually got:


Which would be the hardcover limited edition. It is, indeed, in very good condition – could pass for ‘like new,’ in fact – and it’d probably retail for about twice to three times what I paid for it.  I’m honestly a little surprised that somebody screwed up like this. I’m going to keep the book, of course – there are limits to my sweet and accomodating nature – but the look on my face must have been remarkable.