Tweet of the Day, The Internet Never Takes Edison’s Side In These edition.

Not that I am taking Edison’s side against Tesla, either. ¬†Feels a little weird to even type that out. I just noticed that nobody else ever seems to either, that’s all.


  • zamoose says:

    Epic Rap Battles of History, Edison vs. Tesla: https://youtu.be/gJ1Mz7kGVf0
    That is all.

  • Belcatar says:

    Edison killed an elephant just to prove that AC was dangerous. He deserves all the abuse and ridicule that people see fit to heap upon him. I used to admire Edison until I learned more about him.

  • Aetius451AD says:

    I have nothing to say on this one way or another as far as the dispute: I have not studied it or them enough to form an opinion.

    One thing I will say: If everyone on the internet starts being in lockstep on ANYTHING, I start looking with a jaundiced eye to the subject.

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