A helpful primer for my fellow Americans when sorting out the British papers.

I believe that all of this is still broadly correct.

10 thoughts on “A helpful primer for my fellow Americans when sorting out the British papers.”

  1. What is wrong with UK polling? This is the 3rd national election in a row the polls were way off in both decision and margin. (the last government election, the Scottish independence election, and now the Brexit election) Bad samples? Bad models?

    1. At the risk of offending the rules of our host:
      I can see two arguments with this. One, people were hesitant to express their true intentions to pollsters. Or, Pollsters grabbed bad samples- either intentionally or not.

      I can also see how, in the age of cell phones, that polls may not work the way we think they work anymore. I personally do not answer the phone from unrecognized numbers anymore.

      1. I think that discussing *British* polling results is safe enough for folks, given the circumstances. Certainly it was fascinating to watch the results last night, in a detached sort of way. Mostly, I came away from it with the vague realization that Queen Elizabeth II has managed to rack up quite the haul of dead and defeated enemies, given that she technically has no real power at all.

        1. Oh, she has very real, but somewhat subtle power… I think we capture some of it with the Supremes .. The nine can’t *enforce* their rulings, no “immediate” power .. so they must be careful in their rulings.
          The key difference, of course, is that she doesn’t have to wait for the lower courts to get a case before she can start to use iher power.

    2. When it is declared beyond the pale to hold certain opinions, and those who hold them are subject to witch hunts, how eager will people be to share those opinions with a stranger calling them on the phone?

  2. It’s a wee bit dated as some of the formerly conservative newspapers have gone full tilt Guardians.

  3. Thank you for posting this again – I refer to it whenever I need a guide.
    I’m hoping we pick up a similar blend …

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