Hey, turns out Tomb Raider *is* on Steam Summer sale!

And it’s on sale by quite a bit: under eight bucks for the delux version of the 2013 Tomb Raider. I am downloading it even as we speak. ¬†Should be interesting…

4 thoughts on “Hey, turns out Tomb Raider *is* on Steam Summer sale!”

  1. Lara dies in some… interesting and BRUTAL ways. Good game though — one of the better Metroidvania genre of this generation of games.

  2. It is a pretty game, Moe. Have fun. And keep your fingers on the keyboard for QTE.

  3. See? Told you it started today.
    And for people looking for other bargains, many of the various Lego games are $4.99 each. (But not all. The Star Wars stuff is full price, even for the old ones.) Also for $5- Dishonored, Deus EX: HR, Mass Effect, The first 3 Batman games, the original Mirror’s Edge and Valkyria Chronicles. Torchlight II is $4. The not for kiddies Saint’s Row 3 and 4 are $3.74 each. FTL is $3. The “much better than anyone expected” Assassin’s Creed IV is $7.50 as is the “Dear Lord, don’t play it near your kids” South Park: Stick of Truth. And many of the new releases from the last few months (Fallout 4, Doom, Just Cause, GTA, Metal Gear Solid) are about 35-50% off.

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