My PJ Lifestyle piece on restarting stalled RPG campaigns.

Found here. Short version: if you’re not going to do the obvious stuff, try the not-obvious stuff. And contemplate simply going out in a blaze of glory.

4 thoughts on “My PJ Lifestyle piece on restarting stalled RPG campaigns.”

  1. Before I left for boot camp, I ended our D&D campaign by wiping out almost every sentient being on the continent. (We used the World of Greyhawk as our setting.) My brother’s character joined with two other wizards (Tenser and a wizard named Syledrian) to call a force called the Dreadhawk. The world had become too unbalanced and polarized, so the Dreadhawk was called restore the balance. What none of them knew was what form that restoration would take. The only survivors were my brother’s character, who witnessed every death he caused that day and was struck blind, and a small number of children from all the various races. Allan (my brother’s character) became their mentor and teacher.

    Thus ended the days of RPGs for me. Alas. They were good days.

    1. What none of them knew was what form that restoration would take
      “It’s the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.” Sorry. I couldn’t resist.

      1. Similar, but the characters didn’t have proton stream generators, so they all died. I tried playing a few times after that, but it didn’t take. I actually uttered the words “he’s one of the Hairy Protomen who live in that grove of cactii” at one point, which was good evidence that it was time to hang up my spurs.

  2. I’m partial to “everyone meets an appropriate end”.
    While this is sometimes a TPK, it need not be. The dwarf that’s been grumbling about quitting and opening a tavern might do exactly that.

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