…So they’re really gonna make a D&D film, then?

They’re casting for it, at least.  I may be getting old; the article assumes that I of course know who Ansel Engort is – and I don’t, particularly.  Or, more accurately, I kind of know; I just don’t really care, much.

Let me be honest with you: I don’t know whether you can put together a meaningful, decent, while still generic Dungeons & Dragons movie.  I could believe that you could sustain a good flick by drawing from Greyhawk, or Forgotten Realms, or – listen for the people going ‘ooh’ – Ravenloft. But generic D&D is, well, generic fantasy at this point. Why buy the license if you’re just going to reference the rules-set?

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  • Daniel Wallace says:

    Ansel Elgort was in the running to play the lead role in the upcoming Han Solo stand alone Star wars movie. Alden Ehrenreich ended up getting the part.

  • Skip says:

    They’ve made a few in the past – I actually ran across them filming for the 2000 one in Prague – they were using a medieval monastery on the hills over town. I just remember being amused because all of the signs letting us know why various things were closed were printed using the Diablo font.

  • Belcatar says:

    Drizzt Do’Urden. He should be first in line for a D&D film. I say, until Drizzt gets a film-nay, a SERIES, all other Dungeons and Dragons projects should be put on hold.

  • Belcatar says:

    An Icewind Dale movie would count.

  • Compound says:

    No on the dark elf. I loved Crystal Shard and soldiered through the series for a number of years, but I honestly don’t think Drizz’t would come off as well on screen as he did on paper. Wulgar’s nominally the hero of the first book, and I can’t think of many times where a background character outshining the main character comes off well. From Paris with Love? Eh, most people were watching that for Travolta, not Meyers. The first Fast & The Furious? Maybe. Pirates of the Caribbean? Yeah, but if anyone but Depp was Jack Sparrow, I think that role would have crashed and burned. Amy Madigan in “Streets of Fire?” Maybe. In any case, I suspect Drizz’t would come off as a lot less “awesome” and a lot more “Poochy” on screen.
    Azure Bonds though. That would rock.

    • Finrod says:

      You’re forgetting Vin Diesel’s character in Pitch Black, maybe?

    • Belcatar says:

      The Dark Elf trilogy would make a great series of films. As long as M. Night Shyamalan didn’t volunteer to direct, I’d go see them.

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