…So they’re really gonna make a D&D film, then?

They’re casting for it, at least.  I may be getting old; the article assumes that I of course know who Ansel Engort is – and I don’t, particularly.  Or, more accurately, I kind of know; I just don’t really care, much.

Let me be honest with you: I don’t know whether you can put together a meaningful, decent, while still generic Dungeons & Dragons movie.  I could believe that you could sustain a good flick by drawing from Greyhawk, or Forgotten Realms, or – listen for the people going ‘ooh’ – Ravenloft. But generic D&D is, well, generic fantasy at this point. Why buy the license if you’re just going to reference the rules-set?

7 thoughts on “…So they’re really gonna make a D&D film, then?”

  1. Ansel Elgort was in the running to play the lead role in the upcoming Han Solo stand alone Star wars movie. Alden Ehrenreich ended up getting the part.

  2. They’ve made a few in the past – I actually ran across them filming for the 2000 one in Prague – they were using a medieval monastery on the hills over town. I just remember being amused because all of the signs letting us know why various things were closed were printed using the Diablo font.

  3. Drizzt Do’Urden. He should be first in line for a D&D film. I say, until Drizzt gets a film-nay, a SERIES, all other Dungeons and Dragons projects should be put on hold.

  4. No on the dark elf. I loved Crystal Shard and soldiered through the series for a number of years, but I honestly don’t think Drizz’t would come off as well on screen as he did on paper. Wulgar’s nominally the hero of the first book, and I can’t think of many times where a background character outshining the main character comes off well. From Paris with Love? Eh, most people were watching that for Travolta, not Meyers. The first Fast & The Furious? Maybe. Pirates of the Caribbean? Yeah, but if anyone but Depp was Jack Sparrow, I think that role would have crashed and burned. Amy Madigan in “Streets of Fire?” Maybe. In any case, I suspect Drizz’t would come off as a lot less “awesome” and a lot more “Poochy” on screen.
    Azure Bonds though. That would rock.

    1. The Dark Elf trilogy would make a great series of films. As long as M. Night Shyamalan didn’t volunteer to direct, I’d go see them.

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