I think that I can tentatively say that I am OK at meat pies.

Ground pork, apple, onion, black beans and cheddar cheese: no recipe, no fuss, no muss.  The crust didn’t even get burned (note: open-faced pie).  I’m going to say that I feel that this all represents a basic familiarity with the meat pie-making experience and that perhaps my next series of savory pies will reflect that by being a bit more complex.

No picture, sorry: I forgot.  So here’s a picture of my new cat in Fallout 4.


I’m, like, this bizarre scientific-engineering mastermind who can build a shack out of a bunch of clipboards and tin cans, and what do I use my precious pre-War knowledge for?  Capturing cats. Astounding.

3 thoughts on “I think that I can tentatively say that I am OK at meat pies.”

  1. Cooking without a recipe! Respect! I’ve gotten to the point where my simple protein-and-side-veggie meals no longer require me looking anything up. But for multi-ingredient dishes, I need directions. I may not stick closely to the amounts, but I do like having a plan to go by. Was your pie shell prefab?

    1. Oh, yeah, definitely prefab. I’ll be honest: I understand that supermarket pre-made pie shells can be improved upon, but I like the way that they taste. So when I’m just making a regular dinner, I’ve got no urge to go the extra distance on that particular front.

      1. According to my dad, my great-grandmother could cook the best biscuits in the county. But she really liked the convenience of Pillsbury biscuits [and back then, they were brand new] so she ended up only cooking them from scratch for special occasions.

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