This Justice League Action trailer reminds me of Batman: the Brave and the Bold.

I mean this as a compliment, of course: I made damned sure that my children’s first introduction to Batman was that series. Between it and the Lego DC Superhero stuff they should be inoculated somewhat against other, lesser DC fare. Anyway, this looks fun:

Fun and light-hearted and it has Plastic Man in it which makes everything all right. Plastic Man is one of my touchstones for a DC offering; if he’s there, it’s not likely to be too dark. It almost can’t be.


  • Jeff Weimer says:

    And it *sounds* like they got Mark Hamill in for the Joker.
    [type, type, type] imdb….
    Hey! They did! He’s Swamp Thing, too. Diedrich Bader as Booster Gold. Loved him in The Drew Carey Show and Office Space.
    Lessee – Michael Dorn, Armin Shimmerman, Brent Spiner, James Woods(!), Carl Reiner(!!!) are all in there.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      I suspect that Hamill loves doing the Joker part not just because it’s a fun character to voice, but also because, thanks to it, he doesn’t have to be known as just Luke Skywalker.

  • Compound says:

    Wow! Dexstarr! And the non-bishy version of Lobo!
    It’s nice to hear Conroy in the suit, but Bader grew on me with B&tB. I’ll play Nova from time to time in Marvel Heroes just to hear him voicing a character.

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